Xeon w 3175x hackintosh

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Buyer's Guide. Installation Guide. Guides Start Here! What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter jaraheel Start date Feb 27, I want to build the same configuration. We need kgp skills for this but he prefers to wait for the next Intel Generation.

I have purchased these parts and plan to do a build. I'm going to start a thread following initial planning is completed. Fantastic news! Will you list all your hardware parts and a full tutorial? Lucius said:. Ellybz Retired. Of course he does.

He just completed an awesome build on current gen hardware. So it makes since to wait. That said, I aquired the hardware anyway and am begining planning for a macOS build on it. There is no reason to do so, and it will be filled with frustration.

But what am I gonna due - ya can't run cinebench and look at a 7K score forever. Ellybz said:. Any progress on your build? Do you happen to know if the dominus extreme is MSR locked?

Intel® Xeon® W-3175X Processor

I'm seriously considering the jump. Please let us know. You seem to be the pioneer on this built. Daz View attachment The next Mac Pro is a 28 core that is most likely going to be a variant of the WX using the exact same chipset.

The Mac Pro being on this platform will probably open up a lot of doors for 28 core mackintoshes based on this platform. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Accept Learn more….Intel's Xeon WX is the chipmaker's first unlocked workstation-class processor and, with the right tools, this core, thread monster can blow right past its rated 3.

Here's how it all went down. Dominus is the Latin word for master. No better name could have been brainstormed for this behemoth. In fact there is nothing I can think of that it has left out. There is a full-on OLED panel for post information and other diagnostics, because there is no such thing as too much information in this regard. The OLED panel is perfect for monitoring the status of your thermal grease. Once you start seeing positive temperatures at c you know it's time to remount your liquid nitrogen LN2 pot.

On a normal motherboard, you would have to run a temperature monitoring tool in the background which is using precious resources that steal from your performance. Oh, and the display has RGB. The IHS is not flat, instead it bevels down at the top and bottom.

My only real issue with this setup is kind of a big one, and it really feels half baked. There is literally nothing to hold the CPU in the socket besides the cooling solution.

We built Apple's new Mac Pro!

So you unscrew the four nuts on the cooler and you are ready to pull your water block off. You start pulling the block off, and to your surprise, there is zero resistance to your force but while you are shifting the block away you hear an almost velcro-like ripping sound. That is the sound of pins shifting around as the CPU is pulled off the socket while attached to your water block by the thermal paste in a sort of robotic peanut butter and thermal grease sandwich.

To me that is not acceptable. While Intel dropped the ball in this aspect, Asus really came through with a custom made bracket that ekes out a socket compatible hold down system that is compatible with the ultra-high-end Der8auer LN2 pot.

The Asus solution hugs the CPU closely and holds it in place. Us overclockers love us some Windows 7! The heat output is also lower than I expected. No hidden chiller needed. An interesting thing to note, too, is that 28 cores and 56 threads complete the benchmarks so quickly that the chip doesn't have enough time to really heat up.Predictable results are a must in professional workloads, and the WX delivers with a superior blend of performance in both lightly- and heavily-threaded applications.

But the Xeon WX offers an unbeatable experience in exchange. Think architectural and industrial design, or professional content creation. As if the processor's hefty price tag wasn't enough, Intel's workstation-oriented Xeon WX needs exotic accommodations for overclocking, too. But introducing the highest-end server silicon to workstations required stepping up to the complex LGA socket, which hasn't seen the light of day outside of data centers.

If that all sounds extreme to you, then we wholeheartedly agree. If ever there was a CPU able to inspire envy among enthusiasts, this is it.

Intel is obviously going all-out to quell the Threadripper uprising. And while our testing determined that the WX offers far more performance in most workloads without the compromises imposed by AMD's WX, Intel still isn't as competitive on the pricing front.

Of course, cost is usually a secondary consideration for professionals when time maps over to dollars, and the chip's overclockability will certainly find plenty of fans in high-frequency trading circles.

This grants Intel the license to charge big bucks for the best CPU for desktop applications that money can buy. The Xeon WX wades into a increasingly crowded workstation market. While AMD's Threadripper processors aren't officially aimed at that space, their combination of lower prices, higher core counts, and largely unrestrained feature sets like unlocked multipliers, support for ECC memory, and 64 third-gen PCIe lanes on every model is attractive among professionals.

In contrast, the Xeon WX is designed for workstations. But its design feels more like an enthusiast part due to an unlocked multiplier. That's a tactic the notoriously-stingy Intel hadn't previously explored in the Xeon W family. Thanks to AMD's enthusiast initiative, though, Intel finds itself playing with new knobs and levers.

Intel recently split its server chips out onto their own platform with a larger interface and a different chipset. However, the first round of Xeon Ws, spanning from four to 18 cores, drop right into the LGA socket we know from the company's high-end desktop motherboards albeit paired with a server-specific C chipset that prevents Xeon W from working in consumer platforms. To bring the X to workstations, Intel had to repackage that bigger socket and Cseries chipset for a more accessible form factor.

As a result, we end up with a much larger CPU than we're used to seeing in a desktop system. The Xeon WX has 28 physical cores with Hyper-Threading technology, allowing it to operate on 56 threads at the same time. Otherwise, it stands alone as the most expensive chip outside of Intel's full-on Xeon Scalable data center line-up. Of course, Intel strips features from the WX to prevent data centers from using these chips en masse.

AMD's Threadripper platform supports up to 1. Threadripper exposes 60 native PCIe lanes. Although Intel fires back with 68 "platform" lanes, that number includes additional lanes carved from the C chipset.

xeon w 3175x hackintosh

Four are dedicated to the DMI 3. The improvements are apparent in Intel's multi-core Turbo Boost 2. That should yield big gains in games and productivity apps, along with sizeable speed-ups in content creation and rendering workloads.

Whereas the Core iXE uses a solder-based thermal interface material STIM to improve thermal transfer between its die and heat spreader, Intel's Xeon WX uses the company's garden-variety thermal grease. We'd expect that to negatively affect overclocking, particularly in light of this CPU's prodigious power draw. Intel goes so far as to recommend water-cooling. Intel obviously believes that its architecture, which doesn't require swapping between different modes for optimal performance across disparate workloads, like Threadripper, a more robust feature set, and six channels of memory throughput are worth the premium.

Current page: Pump up the Voltage. Home Reviews. Our Verdict Predictable results are a must in professional workloads, and the WX delivers with a superior blend of performance in both lightly- and heavily-threaded applications. For High performance in lightly-threaded applications High performance in multi-threaded applications Unlocked multiplier makes overclocking easier.

Against Expensive motherboard is required Sky-high power consumption High price-per-core hurts value proposition. Image 1 of 2.How we receive test units for review has varied greatly over the years.

The company providing the review sample has a range of choices and hands-on solutions. The reviewers are expected to know how to use everything and the vendor has confidence in the reviewers analysis. This method allows for the widest range of sampling and the least work at the vendor level, although relies on the journalist to have the relevant contacts with motherboard and memory companies as well as the ability to apply firmware updates as needed.

For unique launches, where only a few samples are being distributed, or there is limited mix-and-match support ready for day one, the option is the full system sample. This means case, motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, memory, power supply, graphics card, and storage are all shipped as one, sometimes directly from a system integrator partner, but with the idea that the system has been pre-built, pre-tested, and ready to go.

It also the most expensive for the vendor to implement, but usually the tradeoff is perceived as worth it. Usually we deal with options one or two for every modern platform to date. This is what Intel has done with the Xeon WX, however they built the systems internally rather than outsourcing. After dispatch from the US to the UK, via the Netherlands, an 80 lb 36 kg box arrived on my doorstep.

This box was huge. This box was 33 inches tall 84 cmand inside that was a set of polystyrene spacers for the actual box for the case, which again also had polystyrene spacers. Double spacey. Apologies for taking these photos in my kitchen — it is literally the only room in my flat in which I had enough space to unbox this thing.

Summer wanted to help, and got quite vocal. These were flush against the design making for a very straight edged design. This picture might show you how tall it is.

xeon w 3175x hackintosh

There are 10 PCIe slot gaps here, along with two vertical ones for users that want to mount in that way. Users may note the power supply has an odd connector. This is a C19 connecter usually used for high-wattage power supplies, and strapped to the box Intel had supplied a power cable. This bad boy is thick. Ignoring the fact that this is a US cable and the earth pin is huge to the extent that it would only fit in one of my adaptors and even nudging the cable caused the machine to restart so I had to buy a UK cable that worked great, this unit is designed for the low voltage US market it seems.

It has to be able to deliver up to 13A of current on a V line, or potentially more, so is built as such. With this it is obviously recommended that no socket extenders are used and this goes directly into the wall. About to take the side panels off. This little one wants to play. Both of the tempered glass side panels are held on by nine thumb screws each, which sit on rubber stands on the inside of the case. Now inside the system at hand. When the system is off, it goes through a short 15 second cycle with the logo:.

The rear of the case is quite neat, showing part of the back of the motherboard and the fan controller. Unfortunately Intel only supplied the cables that they actually used with the system, making it difficult to expand to multiple GPUs, which is what a system like this would ultimately end up with. However, this is with a minimum amount of memory, only one GTXand a mid-sized U. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The performance is as expected but it will soon be eclipsed.The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site.

Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Find a store. Get directions. Visit Website. Up to 28 cores and 56 threads with up to 4. Built-in reliability, availability, and serviceability to ensure platform and data integrity. Performance varies depending on system configuration. No computer system can be absolutely secure.

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Video demonstrates Hackintosh potential, but still isn't the Mac Pro

Essentials Vertical Segment. Product Collection. Processor Number. Launch Date. Included Items. Please note: The boxed product does not include a fan or heat sink. Performance of Cores. Processor Base Frequency. Max Turbo Frequency. Bus Speed. Supplemental Information Embedded Options Available.

Memory Specifications Max Memory Size dependent on memory type. Memory Types. Maximum Memory Speed. Max of Memory Channels. Expansion Options Scalability. PCI Express Revision. Package Specifications Sockets Supported. Max CPU Configuration. T CASE. Package Size. Instruction Set Extensions.

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Dominus Extreme + W-3175x

Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Ships from United States. Most customers receive within days.

xeon w 3175x hackintosh

Hardware-enhanced workload performance, security, and reliability for the increasing demands of professional workstations and ready for professional quality VR design. Overall Review: This processor was my new best friend for a while, until it exploded.

Now I am afraid to use it with the higher octane racing fuels. I wishsomeone would have warned about using it with the higher octane fuels without the heat sink.

Pros: Cost, you get 28 cores and 56 threads and it is unlocked!. What a pleasure this build was and what a great outcome. It is meant for highly threaded applications that can take advantage of parallel processing.

Intel Xeon W-3175X Benchmarks

This is not a gaming CPU. Pros: I have been running this with 8 cores active. It runs faster and doesn't heat up as much. I do not plan to use any more cores as I have no reason to. Some people think you should use all the cores but you really only need 4 or 8 if you want the best graphics.

I was able to momentarily reach 2. Any decent air cooler is sufficient to get this thing running 2. Because this processor has the new solder TIM inside you must solder the heatsink to the processor as everyone knows.

All in all i would recommend this processor for anyone looking for a good experience from excel, word or even loading up one of your favorite games. That leads me to another interesting point.Benchmark results for the Intel Xeon WX can be found below. The data on this chart is gathered from user-submitted Geekbench 5 results from the Geekbench Browser. Geekbench 5 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of which is the score of an Intel Core i Higher scores are better, with double the score indicating double the performance.

Sign Up Log In. Intel Xeon WX Benchmarks. CPU Benchmark Scores Processor Score. Share Tweet. Intel Core iX 3. Intel Core iXE 2. Intel Core iK 4. Intel Core iXE 3. Intel Xeon WX 3. Intel Core iX 2. Intel Xeon W 3. Intel Core iK 3. Intel Xeon WB 2. Intel Xeon E v5 3. Intel Xeon W 4. Intel Core i 3.

xeon w 3175x hackintosh

Intel Xeon Platinum 2. Intel Xeon EM v5 3. Intel Xeon Gold 3. Intel Xeon EL v5 3. Intel Xeon EM v5 2. Intel Core iT 2. Intel Core iHK 2. Intel Core iP 3. Intel Core iHQ 2. Intel Xeon Gold 2. Intel Core iU 3. Intel Pentium G 3. Intel Core iP 2. Intel Core iEQ 2. Intel Core iU 2. Intel Core iT 3. Intel Core i 2.

Intel Xeon Gold T 2. Intel Xeon EL v5 2.

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